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AC Clamp Meter

M-200 Universal Clamp Tester33mmφCT and U type CT, ACA

AC Current, 20A/200A, 33mmφCT and U type CT


The unique U type CT enabled to measure the load current of single or three phase cable without separating the cable to the wires.
33mmφCT window and ultra compact size.
Data-hold function. Especially useful when working in dark or hard to get areas.
Measuring method Dual slope integration mode
Display 3.5 digit LCD, max. reading of 1999
Jaw opening capability 33mmφ
Over range indication Blanking of all digits except MSD 1
Low battery indication "B" mark on LCD
Data hold indication "DH" mark on LCD
Sampling 2 times/sec
Withstanding Voltage AC 2200V 1 minute max.
(Between the core of CT and outer case)
Operating Temperature 0℃ to 40℃, 80%RH max. ( Without condensation )
Storage Temperature -10℃ to 60℃, 70%RH max. ( Without condensation )
Power supply 1.55V (SR-44, LR-44)×2
Power consumption 2.5mW
Battery life SR-44 (200 hours), LR-44 (100 hours)
Size 54(W)×170(H)×21(D)mm
Weight Approx. 100g
Accessories Soft case:1
Instruction manual:1
Batteries LR-44(1.55V):2
Range AC 0~20A/200A
Accuracy 23℃±5℃ 80%RH or less (50/60Hz)
AC 20A/10mA/±1.2% rdg ± 5 dgt
AC 200A/100mA/±1.2% rdg ± 5 dgt
U type CT
Range AC 200A
Accuracy 23℃±5℃ 80%RH or less (50/60Hz)
Cable type/Resolution/Accuracy
Single phase IV cable/0.1A/Approx. ±5%
Parallel VVF cable/0.1A/Approx. ±5%
Three phase VVR cable/0.1A/Approximate value
Max.size of conductor 20mmφ