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AC Leakage Clamp Meter

MCL-800DX Digital Clamp Tester with 80mm x 74mm CT with Bluetooth80mm x 74mmφCT, ACA

Next-generation leakage current clamp meter with connection, via Bluetooth, to a smartphone which displays waveforms and data.


・80mm x 74mm CT window and wide current measurements from 0.01mA to 1000A.
・With filtering switch (which cuts currents above 150Hz)
・Maximum value hold / Data hold function available
・Auto range switch that selects the optimum range according to the measured value
・Easy to read large display
・Measurement data is to be accumulated in the server, and it is available for graph and CSV output
・Waveform display is possible with connection to a smartphone
Measuring method Dual slope integration mode
Measurement range AC20mA/200mA/2A/20A/200A/1000A/Auto
Accuracy 23℃±5℃ 80%RH or less (50/60Hz)
AC 20mA/0.01mA/±2.0% rdg ± 5 dgt
AC 200mA/0.1mA/±2.0% rdg ± 5 dgt
AC 2A/1mA/±2.0% rdg ± 5 dgt
AC 20A/10mA/±2.0% rdg ± 5 dgt
AC 200A/0.1A/±2.0% rdg ± 5 dgt
AC 1000A/1A/±2.0% rdg ± 5 dgt
Filter function Low pass filter : 150Hz
Max Memory function "Max" mark on LCD with maximum value
Auto power function "It power-off approximately 10-minutes after final operation.
This function will be disabled during MAX-hold/ Bluetooth is on."
Over range indication Only the manual ranges are displayed up to 110% of the setting range (Excluding 1000A range). "OL" mark on LCD
Data hold indication "DH" mark on LCD with data hold value
Low battery indication "Battery" icon on LCD
Sampling 2 times/sec
Jaw opening capability 80mm x 74mm
Withstanding Voltage AC 3700V 1 minute max. (Between the core of CT and outer case)
Limitation of circuit voltage Less than AC 600V (EN61010 Installation category CAT III 300V)
Operating Temperature 0℃ to 50℃, 85%RH max. (Without condensation )
Storage Temperature -10℃ to 60℃, 80%RH max. (Without condensation )
Power supply 1.5V (AM-4, LR03 or AAA)×3
Size 138(W)×237(H)×46(D)mm
Weight Approx. 650g
Accessories Hard carrying case:1
Instruction manual:1
Interface Bluetooth 4.2