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AC Leakage Clamp Meter

M-340LX AC Low Voltage Leakage Clamp MeterFor leakage current measurements on the overhead service lines

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AC Leakage current measuring instrument for use in overhead low voltage service lines.


・Suitable for use in overhead low voltage service lines.
・Use by connecting to the hot stick. The height and insulation strength depend on the hot stick.
・Measurement value can be kept in the our cloud server through our APP "Multi-Tracer" by the Blue-tooth. Otherwise connect to our dedicated display unit MDU-200X.
・In addition to measured values, location registration by GPS, temperature, date and time can also be saved.
・High measurement accuracy.

Range 3mA 30mA 300mA 20A
Resolution 0.001mA 0.01mA 0.1mA 0.01A
Accuracy ±1%rdg ±5dgt

Measuring function AC leakage current
AC Load current
CT shape Split clamp type circular ZCT
CT inside diameter 35mm
Measuring frequency 50 ~ 60Hz
Sampling rate 2 time/1s
Measurement of temperature Reference value displayed at “Multi-Tracer”
Operation Power ON/OFF (other function is at a paired unit)
Low battery indication Light up of LED on the main-body
Applicable circuit voltage AC600V
Insulation resistance More than 10MΩ by DC1kV insulation tester
(Between CT~Universal connector)
Withstanding voltage AC3.7kV/1min
(Between CT and the Universal connector)
Operating Temperature and Humidity Range 0~40℃ less than 80%RH
(without condensation)
Storage Temperature and Humidity Range -10~60℃ less than 70%RH
(without condensation)
Power supply LR03*3ea
Dimensions 216.9*86*Φ55mm
Weight 385g
Optional accessory MDU-100X/MDU-200X (display unit)