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MDU-200X Display unit for the Bluetooth connecting instrument

"Multi-Tracer" connection measuring instrument remote display device


・Max hold function for HCL-36UX(including slim ver) and ALCL-80X
・Harmonics current display function for ALCL-80X
・Data hold function available
・Record function available
・Recorded values can be saved in 4 spaces for Three phase 4 line measurement
・The measured value can be displayed remotely and separately from the display of the measuring instrument
・Easy to read large display
Receiving interval Approx. 0.5s intervals
Auto power function ・When the APO mark is lighting, the power is automatically turned off approx.30min after the last switch operation
・This function is disabled during communication connection (when the APO mark is off)
Data hold function Pressed switch for holding value
Over range indication Same as other connected measuring instruments
Data hold indication "DH" mark on LCD with data hold value
Max(Peak) hold function Only HCL-36UX and ALCL-80X can be used
"MAX" mark on LCD with data hold value
Record function ・Data can be retained even when power off
・Recoreded data can be saved onto the 4 data spaces every time pressing the Storage switch
Harmonics current display function Only ALCL-80X can be used
The RMS→fundamental →third harmonic measurement value is displayed
Low battery indication "Battery" icon on LCD
Operating Temperature Same as other connected measuring instruments
Storage Temperature Same as other connected measuring instruments
Power supply AAA alkali Battery x 3
Power consumption ・Communication standby: Approx.12mA
・Communication connection: Approx.6mA
Size 76(W)x97(H)x50.4(D)mm
Weight Approx. 180g (with batteries inside)
Accessories Instruction manual:1