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AC/DC Clamp Meter/Leakage Clamp Meter

TCM-45E AC/DC Digital Clamp Tester45mmφCT, ACA(True rms), DCA

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Original CT opening and closing structure


Unique opening / closing mechanism that can measure
even in narrow places
AC / DC both 10A / 100A 2 range switching
Φ45mm CT inner diameter
RMS value measurement that can accurately measure even distorted waveforms

What is a different TCM-45E CT and Conventional CT
The clamp meter with conventional CT has a structure that opens sideways, making it difficult to clamp in places where cables are densely space.
We overturned the conventional concept and loaded a newly developed CT opening / closing mechanism that opens vertically on the TCM-45E.
AC/DC current measurement work in dense space has become surprisingly easy.

Range DC:10A/100A
Min resolution 0.001A
Accuracy DC 10A range

DC 100A range

AC10A range

AC100A range
Jaw opening capability φ45mm
Other functions Overrange display function
Data hold function
One push 0 adjustment function
Auto power off function
Battery voltage drop display function
AC Conversion True rms responding
Limitation of circuit voltage Less than AC/DC 500V(Only available insulated cable)
Safety standard IEC 61010-1, IEC 61010-2-032
Installation CategoryⅢ300V
Power supply alkaline AAA battery x3
Size W82×H437×D46.6mm
Weight Approx.380g