We specialize in Current Sensors, CT Sensors, and Measuring Instruments.


Corporate Philosophy

We MULTI MEASURING INSTRUMENTS CO.,LTD is a leading company contributing to promote renewable energy.

Steadily progressing global warming, A rage of nature, such as tornado and heavy rainfall that have increased in influence every year, Environmental destruction that accidents in atomic powered generation have caused - An exhaustible energy, such as thermal power and atomic power that have supported our production activity is having bad influences for our living environment.

While environmental degradation is becoming worse globally in such circumstances, promoting utilization of renewable energy is becoming essential theme all the world have to work on.

Corporate Philosophy

Since our establishment in 1986, we have been producing state-of-the-art product to utilize the energy more safely and effectively that had never been existed. Adopting "More Freedom" as our motto, we believe that our mission is go ahead and try new things.

As the global environment is certainly reaching the turning point, new technology that utilizes renewable energy, such as solar power generation and wind power generation safely and effectively has been insisted.

We, MULTI MEASURING INSTRUMENTS CO.,LTD will promise to contribute global environment through the production activity.