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AC/DC Clamp Meter/Leakage Clamp Meter

FAD-100 AC/DC Flexible Leakage/Line Current Probe


・Long Time Record of Measurement by Input Power Supply
・Detection of Both AC Current and DC Current At Once
・Detection of Small DC current Inside Large AC Current
・Freely Bending with Flexible Clamp Sensor of Inside Diameter 200mm
・Useful for difficult Access Locations with Wide Ranges up to AC/DC 1000A
Inside diameter of CT φ200mm
Measuring Range AC/DC10A/100A/1000A(AC 50/60 Hz & DC)
Range Selection 3 Range Manual by Rotary Switch of Controller
Sampling Rate 2 Times/sec
AC/DC Output Voltage 1.5V / F.S. of Respective Range
Accuracy ±3% rdg ±10dgt
Power Supply Voltage DC 12V
Current Consumption Approx. 100mA
Connector Type for Power Supply, AC Output, DC Output D01PB406MRT(Male) by Hypertronics
Applicable Circuit Voltage Less than AC/DC 600V (insulated coating wire)
Withstanding Voltage AC2200V/1 minute
Ambient Operating Temperature 0℃~40℃ (<85%RH, w/o condensation)
Ambient Storage Temperature -10℃~60℃ (<70%RH, w/o condensation)
Dimension of Controller 135 x 76 x 35mm
Weight CT : Approx. 270g
Controller : 250g