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AC/DC Clamp Meter/Leakage Clamp Meter

M-740 AC/DC Clamp Milliammeter (CE)40mmφCT, AC/DC leakage current

AC/DC Leakage Current Measurements (CE)


High sensitive for low range leakage current
Suitable for measurement of 4-20mA DC controlled circuit
DC mV analog signal output
Lowest influence from Magnetization and Terrestrial magnetism
Wide measuring ranges - up to DC 1000mA and AC10A
Safety Standard IEC61010-1/61010-2-032 CATⅡ 600V or CATⅢ 300V
Measuring function AC/DC current
Measuring method Clamp CT Type
Jaw opening capability 40mmφ
Measuring ranges DC 100mA/1000mA, AC 100mA/1000mA/10A (45Hz~65Hz)
AC current detection Average sensing
A/D conversion Dual integration method
Display Max. 2000 count on LCD with annunciator
Over range indication "OL" mark on LCD
Data hold indication "DH" mark on LCD
Zero adjustment For DC current range, by "0 ADJ" switch
Sampling rate 1 time/sec. for DC and 6 times/sec. for AC
Low battery indication "B" mark on LCD
Signal Output DC 100mV full scale to each range
(output impedance: less than 10KΩ)
Limitation of circuit voltage less than AC/DC 600V
Operating temperature 0~50℃, < 85%RH (without condensation)
Storage temperature -10~60℃, < 70%RH (without condensation)
Withstanding voltage AC 3700V/1 minute between CT and outer case
Auto power off Approx. 10 minutes after power on and can absolve this
function by switch
Power supply UM-4×4
Consumption Current Approx. 9mA (approx. 200h for continuous use)
Dimension Display Part 78(W)×155(H)×32(D)mm, approx. 280g
CT (CTP-40DC) 69(W)×175(H)×24(D)mm, approx. 180g
Accessories Soft Case, Batteries, Instruction Manual
Option Cable for Recorder
Accuracy (23℃±5℃, less than 85%RH)
DC Current 100mA
0.1~±99.99mA / 0.01mA / ±1%rdg±10dgt

1~±300mA / 0.1mA / ±1%rdg±10dgt
±300~±700mA / 0.1mA / ±2%rdg±10dgt
±700~±999.9mA / 0.1mA / ±3%rdg±10dgt

※ Influence of Terrestrial Magnetism : Less than ±2.0mA
※ Influence of Magnetization : Less than ±2.0mA by DC 1.5A on/off
※ Max Input Current : DC 1.5A
AC Current 100mA 0~99.99mA / 0.01mA / ±1%rdg±10dgt(50/60Hz)
1000mA 0~999.9mA / 0.1mA / ±1%rdg±10dgt(50/60Hz)
10A 0~9.999A / 0.001A / ±1%rdg±10dgt(50/60Hz)

※ Max Input Current : AC 20A