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PV System

MIS-PVS Insulation Resistance Tester for PV (Judge deterioration point)


The model MIS-PVS is an insulation resistance tester for the exclusive use in photovoltaic systems. The ordinary insulation resistance testers cannot make measurement properly during generation of PV systems. This instrument, however, can measure the insulation resistance simply by touching probe to the live line whether making generation or not. There are two ranges of PVH and PVL. PVH is for high voltage generation system (more than 500V and less than 1000V) and PVL is for the system less than 500V.

method of operation

Rated Measuring Voltage PVL 500V PVH 1000V
Effective Max. Display 100MΩ 2000MΩ
Center Displayed Value 2MΩ 50MΩ
First Effective Range More than 0.1 MΩ, less than 50MΩ More than 2 MΩ, less than 1000MΩ
Tolerance Less than ±5%
Second Effective Range More than 0.05MΩ, less than 0.1MΩ More than 1MΩ, less than 2MΩ
More than 50MΩ, less than 100MΩ More than 1000MΩ, less than 2000MΩ
Tolerance Less than ±10%
Judge Deterioration Point Deterioration point will be displayed on LCD in case of insulation resistance less than 1MΩ. ※Only during measurement of PV panels, indicate P or N phase and or between modules.

Measuring Range (DC Voltage) DC 0~999V
Display 3 1/2 digit LCD, max. reading of 3200 with bar graph and annunciator
Display Ranges 3.200/32.00/320.0/3200(4 range auto)
Minimum Resolution 0.001 MΩ
Operating Temperature 0℃~40℃, less than 80%RH (w/o condensing)
Power Supply 1.5V (AA size, LR6) alkali battery x 6 pcs.
Dimension & Weight 170(W)x105(D)x52(H)mm, approx. 350g (without batteries)
Standard Accessories line test lead ×2, earth test lead ×1, batteries ×6, Carrying case ×1, instruction manual ×1
Over Range Indication ”OL” mark on LCD
Low Battery Indication ” B ” mark on LCD, less than 7.8±0.2V
Data Hold Indication ”DH” mark on LCD
Auto Power Off automatically power off, approx. 10 minutes after power on
(To release this function, put the rotary switch to off and power on again)
Back Light Function By pressing back light switch (LIGHT) once, back light will appear and will become off by pressing once more. This back light will become off automatically 10 minutes after lighting on.
Open Circuit Discharge cancel the stored DC electrical charge by automatic discharging function, can confirm discharge by becoming HV lamp off.