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PV System

MSEI-200C Insulation Resistance Tester for PV

Insulation resistance tester for DC current circuit of photovoltaic systems


This model can measure insulation resistance of DC current circuit in PV systems (between PV module and power conditioner) on the live line and can distinguish the deteriorated part between Power Phase, Neutral Phase, P/N Phase and or PV modules.

method of operation

Measuring Function Generated Voltage
Insulation Resistance (between P phase/N phase/PN phase/Module)
Measuring Range Voltage :DC0.01~999.9V
Resistance :0.01~19.99MΩ
Accuracy (Voltage) ±1%rdg±10dgt
Accuracy (Resistance) 0.01~10MΩ:±5%rdg
Judgement Method When insulation resistance becomes less than 1MΩ, Red LED lamp will lighten and incase of no problem for resistance value, Green LED lamp will lighten.
Measuring Interval 30/180/300/600/900sec
Module Numbers Selecting 2~28
Circuit Voltage DC1000V PV Generation Circuit
Operation Temp -10℃~+60℃ <85%RH without condensation
Power Supply AA alkaline battery LR-6 x 4 or AC adaptor (option)
Dimension/Weight W190×H140×D42mm approx.600g
Accessories Voltage input cable ×1set
Carrying case ×1
AA alkaline battery ×4
Instruction manual ×1