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Digital Multimeter/Voltage Detector

LV-1 Voltage DetectorACV, Leak ACV

For AC Low Voltage Circuit
Electric shock checker is provided to judge whether the warning buzzer is generated by induced voltage or dangerous voltage caused by insulation fault.


Using conductive rubber tip, free from short circuit.
With slip stopper for the safety use.
Withstanding Voltage AC 1500V, 1 minute (between detecting tip and earth clip)
Insulation Resistance 10MΩ or more by DC 500V insulation tester
(between detecting tip and earth clip)
Size and Weight 129 (L)×20 (W)×19.5 (D)mm, approx. 30g
Operating Temperature 0℃~40℃
Power supply 1.55V (LR-44)×2
Power consumption Approx. 60 hours continuous
Accessories Soft case:1
Instruction manual:1
Alligator clip:1
Detectable voltage range(50/60Hz) For insulation cover
AC 50~500V phase to earth
For bare terminal
AC 0~300V phase to earth
Minimum detectable voltage AC40V (Factory setting)(Sensitivity is adjustable)
Judgment value for insulation fault More than 10μA, floating to the human body ("L" lamp will turn on)
Detection signal Flashing of red LED light and intermittent beeper
(For both voltage detection and insulation fault)