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Digital Multimeter/Voltage Detector

MCD-107 Pocket Type Digital Multimeter (CE)DCV, ACV, Ω, Diode Test, Continuity Check, Capacitance, Hz, Duty


Ultra compact size and light weight.
Easy operation with rotary switch.
4000count full scale with auto-ranging.
Data Hold and Auto Power Off Function.

FUNCTION AC/DC Voltage Continuity
Resistance Diode test
Capacitance Duty
Storage Temperature -10~50℃, < 70%RH(Without condensation)
Size and Weight 99(H)×59(W)×8.6(D)mm
Accuracy (23±5℃, < 80%RH )
Function/Range/Accuracy/Input Resistance
DC Voltage/400.0mV/±(0.7%rdg+3dgt)/More than 100MΩ
DC Voltage/4.000V/±(1.3%rdg+3dgt)/Approx.11MΩ
DC Voltage/40.00V/±(1.3%rdg+3dgt)/Approx.10MΩ
DC Voltage/400.0V/±(1.3%rdg+3dgt)/Approx.10MΩ
DC Voltage/500V/±(1.3%rdg+3dgt)/Approx.10MΩ
AC Voltage/4.000V/±(2.3%rdg+10dgt)/Approx.11MΩ
AC Voltage/40.00V/±(2.3%rdg+10dgt)/Approx.10MΩ
AC Voltage/400.0V/±(2.3%rdg+5dgt)/Approx.10MΩ
AC Voltage/500V/±(2.3%rdg+5dgt)/Approx.10MΩ
Resistance/400.0Ω,4.000KΩ,40.00KΩ,400.0KΩ/±(2.0%rdg+5dgt)/Open circuit voltage Approx.0.4V
Resistance/4.000MΩ/±(5.0%rdg+5dgt)/Open circuit voltage Approx.0.4V
Resistance/40.00MΩ/±(10%rdg+5dgt)/Open circuit voltage Approx.0.4V
Capacitance/40.00nF,400.0nF,4.000μF/±(5.0%rdg+10dgt)/Accuracy is specified after offset
Capacitance/40.00μF,100.0μF/±(10%rdg+15dgt)/Accuracy is specified after offset
Frequency/5.000Hz,50.00Hz,500.0Hz,5.000KHz,50.00KHz/±(0.7%rdg+5dgt)/Sensitivity ( AC sine wave) 5.000Hz~5.000kHz:10Vrms or more 50.00kHz :40Vrms or more
Duty/0.1~99%/None/(Input Sensitivity is specified by square wave with duty 50% input) 2.5V( 0 to peak input)≧1kHz 6V ( 0 to peak input)≧10kHz 40V ( 0 to peak input)≧70kHz
Operating Temperature 0℃ to 40℃,<80% RH (Non-condensing)
Power supply Lithium battery CR2032×1
Power consumption Approx.6mW ( at DCV)
Accessories Book type cover case:1
Instruction manual:1
Display LCD, max.reading of 4000
Over range indication "OL" mark on LCD
Data hold indication "DH" mark on LCD
Low battery indication "B" mark on LCD
Auto power off Approx.30 minute later after last key operation
Range Auto-ranging
Sampling 3 times/sec
Polarity Automatic (-)negative indication
Relative indication "△" mark on LCD
Continuity Check Beeper: 10~60Ω, Open circuit voltage: approx. 0.4V
Diode Test Open circuit voltage: approx.1.5V