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Leakage Current Monitor

MCM-8000 Multi Circuit Leakage Current Monitor


●The leakage current of max.8 circuits at the same time.
●Easy for data management (storage by CSV formula)
●Cost performance, high-speed sampling with high-frequency cut function.
Number of Measuring Circuit 8 circuits (channels)
Detection Method Clamp-on CT method
Measuring Range 0~2000mA
Minimum Resolution 1mA
Measuring Accuracy ±3%rdg±2dgt (by standard CTs)
Sampling Approx. 20mS
Filter Function Internally equipped filter for cutting high frequency
(Secondary low pass filter : 130 Hz)
Range of Setting Values 10~1000mA (Initial setting : 50mA)
Recovery Range 10~90% of the setting values
Measuring Temperature 0~50℃, less than 80%RH w/o condensing
Storage Temperature -10~60℃, less than 80%RH w/o condensing
Measuring Circuit Voltage less than AC500V (insulated conductor)
Insulation Resistance more than 100MΩ by DC500V insulation tester
(between input terminal and housing case)
more than 50MΩ by DC500V insulation tester
(between power supply source and housing case)
Withstanding Voltage AC1500V (50 / 60Hz) one minute between power supply source and housing case
Power Supply AC100V~240V with adapter Internal Ni-hydride Battery
Current Consumption Approx. 40mA
Battery Life Approx. 4 days at continuous use by full charge
Dimensions & Weight 190(W) x 140(H) x 42(D)mm, approx. 700gs
OPTION ZCT-18SCM:CTφ18mm / 45x98x32mm, 65gs
ZCT-30SCM:CTφ30mm / 59x117x32mm, 95gs
ZCT-40SCM:CTφ40mm / 64x122x23mm, 125gs
ZCT-80SCM:CT74×80mm / 138x225x37mm, 500gs
ZCT-1100SCM:CT108×128mm / 194x342x52mm, 1800gs
Carrying Case for CTs:ZCT-18/30/40SCM=8pcs., ZCT-80SCM=4pcs. per case