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AC High Voltage Clamp Meter

HCL-36UX Digital Clamp Current Tester for High VoltageAdded harmonics current measurement ver and slim ver.

1, No need to clamp on the overhead distribution line up to 36kV for load current measurement.
2, Structure resistant to drop impact.
3, Added harmonics current measurement ver.
4, Added slim ver.


・Display measurement value on your smartphone through blue-tooth connecting.
・Measurement value can be kept in the our cloud server.
・In addition to measured values, location registration by GPS, temperature, date and time can also be saved.
Measuring function AC load current
CT shape Type U
CT Inside diameter 55.4mm
Measuring range AC 330A/3000A (Auto)
Accuracy ±1%rdg±2dgt
Minimum resolution 0.1A
Measurable harmonics Fundamental to 25th harmonics with harmonics current measurement ver (by using the APP"Multi-Tracer")
Applicable frequency 50~60Hz
Sampling rate Two times / second
Insulation resistance 100MΩ or more by DC 1000V insulation tester (Between hot stick connector and core of CT)
Limitation of circuit voltage AC36kV
AC23kV with slim ver
Protection standard IP54
Withstanding voltage AC43.2kV/5min (Between CT and the hotstick grip)
AC28.8kV/5min with slim ver(Between CT and the hotstick grip)
Operating temp & humidity range -20~60℃ 20~96% Lithium battery
5~45℃ 20~96% Alkaline battery
Power supply AA size battery×4
Dimension / Weight W179.6×H400×D90.4mm
Approx 1550g
Approx 930g with slim ver
Optional accessory MDU-100X/MDU-200X (display unit)