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Split type Pulse Current Sensor

CTF-05K Pulse current detection for power demand meter, φ5mm


Pulse current detection for power demand meter.
Clamp type CT.
Open collector output.

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Applicable Current 8mA~25mA
Max. Capable Current 25mA
CT Inside Diameter φ5.2mm
Output Example Open collector output (L (OFF) level at detection)
Operating current 8mA
Detectable pulse width More than 10msec
Power Supply +12V±10%(Unipolar)
Capable CT Open/Close Approx. 100 times
Output Part M3 Terminal
Wiring Method R1:Output R0:COM 12V:+12V
Rated Voltage Less than AC600V for low voltage circuit of coated wires
Withstanding Voltage AC2200V/1 minute (between output terminal and outer case)
Insulation Resistance More than 100MΩ by 500V insulation tester (between output terminal and outer case)
Operation Temperature -20~70℃, less than 80%RH w/o condensation
Dimension 33×79×22mm
Weight Approx. 60g
Standard Compliant with RoHS directive