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Split type AC Current Transformer

CTS-100 General metering application, AC 100A,φ35mm, 1A output


1A output for metering application.
Short circuit switch for secondary output is provided for safe operation.
High accurate transformer for the application of first class meter.
Easy installation by metal fitting.
Rated Primary Current AC100A
Rated Secondary Current 1A
Max. Capable Current 120A
CT Inside Diameter 37×34.5mm
Applicable Frequency 50/60Hz
Comparative Error ±1.0% In /±1.5% 0.2 In /±3.0% 0.05In
Phase Accuracy ±1.0° In / ±1.5° 0.2 In / ±3.0° 0.05In
Overcurrent Intensity 40 times (against Rated Primary Current)
Rated Burden (VA) 0.2VA
Open Protection With output short-circuit switch
Capable Mount/Dismount CT Approx. 100 times
Output Part M3 Terminal
Rated Voltage Less than AC600V for low voltage circuit of coated wires
Withstanding Voltage AC2200V/1 minute (between output terminal and CT)
Insulation Resistance More than 100MΩ by 500V insulation tester (between output terminal and CT)
Operation Temperature -10~50℃, less than 80%RH w/o condensation
Dimension 127×95×40mm
Weight Approx. 540g
Standard Compliant with RoHS directive