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Digital Arrester Tester

ALCL-40 Digital Arrester Clamp Tester37mmφCT, AC leakage current/harmonics

Digital Arrester Clamp Tester


ALCL-40 is designed to test the diagnostic of OXIDE SURGE ARRESTER.
The least influence from the external magnetic field and noise by triple shielding of CT.
Compliant with IEC6099-5.
Enabled the measurements for 100nA resolution and harmonics current.

Lightning arresters are designed to protect a power distribution system by shunting to ground the high voltage surges caused by lightning.
ALCL-40 measures to warn that an arrester is damaged or deteriorating and should not be energized.

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CT Sensor
CT φ37mm
Opening/closing of the jaw Spring operation
Withstanding voltage AC2200V, 1 minute between the core of CT and CT outer case
Measuring and Display Unit
Measuring function Leakage current, Harmonic current(Fundamental and third harmonics)
Measuring method CT clamp sensor
Measuring range 0-300μA/3mA/30mA(3range manual)
Input frequency 45-60Hz
AC conversion AC coupled true rms responding
A/D conversion Dual slope integration mode
Display LCD 3200 count max
Sampling rate 2 times/sec
Over indication "OL" mark on LCD
Low battery Indication "B" mark on LCD
Data hold function "DH" mark on LCD
Auto power off Approx.10 minutes later after power on
Power supply 9V Alkaline battery 6LR61 × 1
Power consumption Approx. 20mW
Limitation of circuit voltage Less than 500V AC
Operating Temperature 0~40℃, less than 80%RH, w/o condensation
Storage Temperature -10~60℃, less than 70%RH, w/o condensation
Dimensions and Weight Unit:/95(W)x160(H)x34(D)mm, 260gs
CT:/135(W)x166(H)x61(D)mm, 1000gs
AC Current
Accuracy (23℃±5℃, less than 80%RH)
Range/Resolution/Accuracy(45~65Hz) */Max.Input Current
300μA/100nA(0.1μA)/1.2%±8digit/40A rms
3mA/1μA(0.001mA)/1.2%±8digit/40A rms
30mA/10μA(0.01mA)/1.2%±8digit/40A rms
* Accuracy specified: More than 4% harmonics are necessary against fundamental harmonics
Harmonic Current Measurement (Fundamental and third harmonics)
Measuring method PLL method
Minimum fundamental input More than 3% of full scale in each range
Accuracy (1%±5digit)±(Basic accuracy of ACA)
-(Error by neighboring harmonics)
* Accuracy specified:More than 4% harmonics are necessary against fundamental harmonics
Accessories Soft case:1
Instruction manual:1