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Data Logger (Temp/Humidity)

LS1000 Multi Function Data Logger


● Various sensors can be connected externally.
It is possible to record the measured value and capture it into the PC, on each sensor.
● Due to USB memory can be inserted directly, recording data can be collected.
Application software can be downloaded for free.
● In addition to the internal temperature/humidity sensor, up to four external sensors (sold separately)
can be connected, and multiple measurement values can be recorded simultaneously.
Measurement Channel Temprature :1ch (internal)
Humidity :1ch (internal)
Measuring range Temprature :5~40℃
Humidity :20~70%RH
Accuracy Temprature :±0.8℃
Humidity :±4%
Alarm Output normal open (DC30V, 2A)
Storage Capacity 65000 points
Power supply AA battery×2
Dimension W76×H135×D27mm
Weight 160g
Accessory Sensor connection cable×1m
Optional Accessory Voltage sensor, Thermocouple sensor, Current sensor, Temp/Humidity sensor