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High Voltage Phase Tester

DPF-6 High Voltage Phase Tester

For Detection of Voltage, Phase & Phase Rotation


●Universal type, possible to detect phase, phase rotation & voltage by one unit, beeping & light emitting method.
●Auto power-on switch just by making the hook at tip of instrument close to live line and internally equipped test function for main circuit/battery before measurement.
●Available use for both insulated wire and bare conductor (φ5mm~200mm2)
Applicable Circuit Voltage 3300~6600V
Applicable Frequency 50/60Hz common use
Motion (Phase Detection) Different phase: continuous beeping & light emitting
Same phase: No beeping & light emitting
Motion (Phase Rotation) Light emitting display for normal/reversed phase
Motion (Voltage Detection) Operative at 2500V
Power Supply 006P×1
Dimension φ39x1230mm
Weight 1.9kg
Accessory Trunk case