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Low Voltage Detectors

DAP-06 Low Voltage Detector

Application Change Method to Bare & Coated Conductor


●More certain detection can be done by changing method to bare and coated conductor.
●No beeping and light emission during carry.
●Implemented low cost by full cost down.
Applicable Voltage AC 40~600V
Applicable Frequency 50/60Hz common use
Indication Method Intermittent beeping and light emission
Power Supply LR44×2
Dimension W19.5×H133×D19mm
Weight 17g
Conformity standard Equate IEC61010 CAT-IV 600V.
1,Insulation of detection element
→Equipped semi-insulating rubber detection element(carbon is mixed with insulating rubber) is used to prevent short-circuit accidents.

2,With or without finger guard
→ The colors are divided into gray and black so that the difference between the grip and non-grip parts can be clearly distinguished.
You can safely detect electricity by grasping the gray grip

3,Ensuring the pattern insulation distance of the internal circuit
→ The standard is that the voltage detector can withstand the applied of 8kV impulse under it is not grounded condition, but DAP-06 can withstand the applied of AC2kV for 1min under more severe conditions with the entire grip parts covered with metal foil(grounded).

4,Battery leak protection
→ Batteries are stored in guards on all sides. In addition, even if the battery leaks and the battery contacts have poor continuity, sharp protrusions are provided on the contact part to prevent poor contact.