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AC/DC Clamp Meter/Leakage Clamp Meter

M-240 AC/DC Mini Digital Clamp Tester (CE)30mmφCT, ACA, DCA

AC/DC Current, 20A/200A, 30mmφ CT (CE)


30mmφCT window and ultra compact size.
Data-hold function. Especially useful when working in dark or hard to get areas.
Conform to IEC safety requirements.

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Safety standard IEC 61010-1, IEC 61010-2-032
Installation CategoryⅡ600V or CategoryⅢ300V.
E.M.C. standard EN 61326
Measuring method Dual slope integration mode
Display 3.5 digit LCD, max. reading of 1999
Polarity "-" sign for negative polarity
Range AC/DC 0~20A/200A
Accuracy (23℃±5℃, 80%RH or less)
Range/Input range/Resolution/Accuracy/Accuracy/Max. input current
AC 20A/0~19.99A/10mA/±1.5% rdg±5 dgt(50/60Hz) ±2.0% rdg±5 dgt(20~500Hz)/±1.5% rdg±5 dgt(50/60Hz) ±2.0% rdg±5 dgt(20~500Hz)/500A peak
AC200A/0~150.0A/100mA/±1.5% rdg±5 dgt(50/60Hz) ±2.0% rdg±5 dgt(20~500Hz)/±1.5% rdg±5 dgt(50/60Hz) ±2.0% rdg±5 dgt(20~500Hz)/500A peak
AC200A/150.1A~199.9A/100mA/±3.0% rdg±5 dgt(50/60Hz) ±4.0% rdg±5 dgt(20~500Hz)/±3.0% rdg±5 dgt(50/60Hz) ±4.0% rdg±5 dgt(20~500Hz)/500A peak
DC20A/0~±19.99A/10mA/±1.5% rdg±3 dgt/±1.5% rdg±3 dgt/500A peak
DC200A/0~±150.0A/100mA/±2.0% rdg±3 dgt/±2.0% rdg±3 dgt/500A peak
DC200A/±150.1~±199.9A/100mA/±3.0% rdg±3 dgt/±3.0% rdg±3 dgt/500A peak
Jaw opening capability 30mmφ
Over range indication Blanking of all digits except MSD 1
Maximum indication 1999
Low battery indication "B" mark on LCD
Data hold indication "DH" mark on LCD
Sampling 2 times/sec
Withstanding Voltage AC 3700V 1 minute max. (Between the core of CT and outer case)
Operating Temperature 0℃ to 40℃, 80%RH max. ( Without condensation )
Storage Temperature -10℃ to 60℃, 70%RH max. ( Without condensation )
Power supply 1.55V (SR-44, LR-44)×2
Power consumption 7mW
Battery life SR-44 (30 hours), LR-44 (16 hours)
Size 44(W)×146(H)×20(D)mm
Weight Approx. 80g
Accessories Soft case:1
Instruction manual:1
Batteries LR-44(1.55V):2