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AC Leakage Clamp Meter

M-1140XR Leakage Current Clamp Tester with BluetoothRMS, 40mmφCT, ACA

Next-generation leakage current clamp meter with connection, via Bluetooth, to a smartphone which displays waveforms and data.


・Waveform display is possible with connection to a smartphone
・Measurement data is to be accumulated in the server, and it is available for graph and CSV output
・Auto 5-range : AC 30mA / 300mA / 3A / 30A / 300A
・CT inside diameter : φ40mm
・Minimum resolution : 0.01mA
・Maximum value hold / Data hold function available
・With filtering switch (which cuts currents above 150Hz)
・Compliant with EN 61010, CAT-III 1000V / CAT-IV 600V
・With backlight

■Save measurement data to the server

Select a measurement point, which registered in advance, and save measurement data. It can be utilized as a guide for deterioration diagnosis, in addition to improving efficient maintenance management.

■Waveform to be displayed on a smartphone

By examining influences of harmonics or noises, it is possible to investigate diagnosis and cause of troubles at facilities.

Measuring Function Line current
Leakage current
CT Inside Diameter φ40mm
AC Current Range 30mA / 300mA / 3A / 30A / 300A RMS
Minimum Resolution 0.01mA
Accuracy AC 30mA / 300mA / 3A / 30A

AC 300A
0~200A : ±1.2%rdg±5dgt
200~250A : -3.0%rdg±5dgt
250~300A : -5.0%rdg±5dgt

23℃±5℃ 80%RH or less (50 / 60Hz)
Interface Bluetooth 4.2
Filter Function Low pass filter : 150Hz
Max Memory Function "Max" mark on LCD with maximum value
Other Function Over range display, Data hold, Low battery indication, Auto power off
Sampling Rate Two times / second
Safety Standard EN61010
Installation category IV 600V or category III 1000V
Operating Circuit Voltage Less than AC500V (Isolated electric wire)
Operating Temp & Humidity Range 0~50℃ Less than 85%RH (w / o condensation)
Power Supply CR2032×1
Dimension / Weight W61×H206×D35mm
Accessories Carrying case, Instruction manual